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Liquid Fish was formulated following university studies using fish soluble nutrients. These studies were conducted on plants using strictly fish soluble nutrients with no added NPK. Processed under "cold processing" conditions, it contains live bacteria beneficial to the soil. Liquid Fish is one of the best, most economical quality fertilizers money can buy.

Information About Using Fish as a Fertilizer

Questions and Answer Fact Sheet

What is fish fertilizer?

A natural fermented blend of whole fish and fish waste products and entrails with supplemental products to produce one of the best liquid fertilizers on the market today.

Why use fish for fertilizer?

Fish contains natural enzymes, protein, minerals and other plant food beneficial in the growth process of plants. In addition, it also contains beneficial bacteria which most soils badly need. This bacteria helps increase soil fertility thereby contributing to raising productive, high-quality crops with strong, healthy growth.

What can fish fertilizer do?

It provides trace nutrients needed by growing plants; increases the percentage of seed germination; strenghtens overwintering in crops; conditions the soil; strenghtens photosynthesis; increases protein, sugar and mineral content; and increases production yields.

Why is a fish fertilizer better than chemical fertilizers?

Chemical fertilizers are combined with salts which aid their solubility (in water). These salts, however, make the soil acid in nature. Because of this acid conditon, plants can only absorb about 20%-30% of the fertilizer applied. This means that excessive amounts of chemical fertilizers are required to provide the plant with the 20%-30% it will use. Because excessive amounts are used, chemical fertilizers remain in the soil resulting in chemical runoff and pollutions of streams, lakes and even wells. Fish, on the other hand, is a safe, natural fertilizer. As a crop goes into its time of stress, the time when it produces fruit, it is not the abundant amount of nutrition that decides the yield, but the nutrient in least supply. By spraying directly onto the foliage the farmer can greatly reduce the amount of fertilizer required to produce a strong, healthy crop while at the same time assure himself that his crop will be corrected of nutrient deficiencies. Also, by adding bacteria to the soil, fish actually builds a more healthy soil for the crops.

What other benefits can a farmer realize?

Most animal farmers supplement their feed in order to provide their animals with the vitamins and minerals they need each day. Animals eating crops high in vitamin and mineral content require less supplementation thereby saving the farmer money.

What are the benefits to fruit and vegetable growers?

Fish fertilizer aids in the development of dark green foliage, enhanced vegetable growth with increases in seed yield. Better quality fruits and vegetables mean better tasting, sweeter and higher quality produce.

What are the benefits to lawns and golf courses?

Heavy traffic areas on lawns or fairways and greens benefit from this natural fertilizer. Now you can supply the nutrients your lawn needs, enrich the soil and people can safely walk barefooted on the grass the same day without fear of chemical poisoning.

How can I use a fish fertilizer?

The amount of fertilizer needed depends upon a soil analysis. Foliar spraying takes place after the crop is 3-4 inches high to assist the plant during this time of stress. A second time of stress occurs immediately prior to flowering and fruiting. For specific amounts refer to label instructions.

What is the advantage of foliar spraying?

Foliar spraying is becoming a more accepted practice due to the fact that foliar-applied nutrients are readily available and more easily utilitized by the plants than when applied to the soil. According to a study completed by Michigan State University, foliar spraying was found to be from 6 to 20 times efficient than mineral supplied to the soil. Foliar nutrients increase the rate of photosynthesis and by so doing stimulate and increase nutrient absorption by roots. In short, foliar fertilization can boost yields.

Why use a quality surfactant?

A quality surfactant breaks down the water tension and makes the fertilzier more readily available to the plant. Always add the surfactant after filling the tank.

When is the best time to spray?

Spray in the morning, late afternoon or coolness of the day. Can be used successfully in an irrigation or sprinkler system. Experts feel the best way to utilize their fertilizer is to sidedress crops every 2-3 weeks. Fish emulsion also makes an excellent foliar spray for vegetables. In recent tests done at the University of Florida over a 15% yield was gained on tomatoes and a 14% increase was noted on strawberries.

There are many ways to utilize the fish emulsion such as putting it on compost heaps, dipping roots of seedlings when transplanting or putting the emulsion in rows before planting seeds. If putting it in the rows, put deeper than you plan to plant. The roots of the plant will actually search out the fertilizer, making a much stronger root system. It also has been utilized by trees, thus acting as a temporary deer repellent. If you are turned off by the odor of fish emulsion, the smell seems to disappear in a short time after using it so the benefits greatly out-weigh it smelliness.

Menhaden fish emulsion is 42%-51% solids.

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