Maribell Caves Hotel


Maribel, Wisconsin


"Hotel Hell"





Demolished in a 90 mph wind storm in the early morning hours of August 7, 2013. Very, very sad.


An abandoned building rumored to have been owned by Al Capone close to the Maribel Caves.          


This hotel was in flames in the 1920's and it "glows" when the new moon is out.

From the road, you can see every detail of that hotel. The hotel is

surrounded by woods and across the street is also wooded.


It is a three story hotel, all but abandoned. You can't get to the third floor anymore because of holes in the stairway. Third floor has reported to have cold hands applying pressure to their back. If you flash your light at a second floor window they flash back at you. In the basement, feelings of being threatened. The name "Hotel Hell" came from the blood on the walls and yelling from the basement, the ring of the bell and the sound of wheels.

The smell of sewer gas is still there in the bedrooms. Old books were in one of the rooms upstairs, burst into flames.


The caves are right below hotel hell. You will hear moaning as of creatures or monsters there. Witnesses have heard laughing, have seen a little girl in black dress wearing no shoes on the stairs which go into the caves area. You can hearing singing there day or night, near the old stables. Visitors have been chased by white light which some of them have seen as a carriage drawn by white horses. Also in the old stables the sounds of horses hooves have been heard.


Originally a resort, built in the 1800's, which was a place where people went to be cleansed by the natural spring water which still runs pure and clear there today.


2017 The Westphal Group. Narrative from Haunted Places in Wisconsin, Landon Howell. Photos by Jeff Westphal, 2005-2006 and are unedited except for size.

This property is privately owned and is no longer available for public access. Photos taken from County Highway R in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. Please respect private property rights.